Sunday, April 30, 2006


April 29, 2006. Saturday. After eating Indian food for dinner its time for arabian taste along ARAB, and BAGHDAD streets. Along with my friends we shared shisha or hookah, actually just one of many names for the hookah itself. Other names include the hubble-bubble, waterpipe, or narghile. In the West, it is thought that the use of the name shisha in place of the tobacco originated simply from the shortening of the term "shisha tobacco" to shisha. The correct, most commonly used names of the hookah tobacco are maassel or tobamel.
We stayed at SAMAR 1 local SG, 1 noypi (thats me) and others Thai.
All working in SG except for the guy in red, just having vacation here @ SG. 2 of us are in IT and the rest are in banking industry. If in smoking ordinary cigar you have to puff fine smoke here in shisha it should be thick. The waiter is the one in front of a woman's portrait. The smoke that comes out is not that irritating, and its addictive heheheeh. In here families gather and let their children smoke as well.

To make it really authentic arabian bar there were a group of people playing instrument ... the instruments sounds good... the vocalist i dont know hahaahah.
We left the bar around midnight and hired taxi and went home.

April 30, 2006. Sunday. Cha, my former colleague at RCGIT and I decided to go to Batam and check the area, whats in there initially we dont know (hehehe). I waited for her until 8.30am at harbourfront and bought 2 return tickets (day tour) - S$30 SG - Batam Center. And had our money converted to Rupiah from SGD. After immigration at Batam we hired taxi for 3 hours cost round 200,000 Rupiah. First stop over was a buddhist temple. Like am i doing it right?? Then we went for lunch i forgot the area but all seafoods there were fresh and you have to pinpoint what you want, what type of cook you want, seat and wait to be served; we had shrimps with oatmeal, sweet&sour grouper and kangkong plus fresh buko juice; hmmm how relaxing (right cha?).

After eating we went to waterfornt city to reschedule our departure.... then stayed at Harris hotel just see the pictures...



And since spa were fully booked....
what else to do after an adventurous sporty afternoon but to eat eat eat!!!! grrr am getting fat. It was so hot that afternoon grrrr.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


April 10, 2006. Jogging along chinese and japanese gardens

I was jogging along the lake side, suddenly i saw twin pagodas. Hmm let me check it out.

... and took some pictures along the bridge overlooking the twin pagodas

Jog... jog... jog... oops i am on the gate now.
Another shot. (hehehe). While walking i saw a storey pagoda,

I jogged through the stair case all the way to the top, and whoa nice views....
I can see the whole garden from above.

Solo pix. hehehe looks exhausted
This time with Confusius Statue (haiya!). Oops it kinda late, need to go back to home. I jogged again. Total of more or less 5km of jogging. Nice!