Sunday, April 09, 2006


April 10, 2006. Jogging along chinese and japanese gardens

I was jogging along the lake side, suddenly i saw twin pagodas. Hmm let me check it out.

... and took some pictures along the bridge overlooking the twin pagodas

Jog... jog... jog... oops i am on the gate now.
Another shot. (hehehe). While walking i saw a storey pagoda,

I jogged through the stair case all the way to the top, and whoa nice views....
I can see the whole garden from above.

Solo pix. hehehe looks exhausted
This time with Confusius Statue (haiya!). Oops it kinda late, need to go back to home. I jogged again. Total of more or less 5km of jogging. Nice!


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