Sunday, August 20, 2006

Singapore Forest

Aug 20, 2006 (Saturday). I with my friends decided to go to MacRitchie Reservoir Part and go to HSBC TreeTop But we spent 2 hours of hiking to reached the other end and still have 1Km left, we have no choice but to return ack tomorrow for we need to go to Tampines for badminton play with other friends. We waited for taxi at Singapore Island Golf Club in which one of my friend is a member.

Aug 21, 2006 (Sunday). Around 12nn we rode taxi to get back to where we finished yesterday to continue the trail. Upon reaching the trail which we left yesterday, again we hike; monkeys all over the place walking and seems to be tamed.
We continue to hike deep into the forest with only the trail as guide to the tree top hanging bridge, i remember when i was little kid when i went to forest in PH the sounds of crickets and other insects, the sound of breeze and the smell of the forest.... NATURE!

Finally we are at the entrace to the treetop bridge. After long hiking hours here we are treetop bridge hehehe. Nice view from above to see the forest underneath. Fresh air, nice scenery.... so peaceful. The birdge is one way only so no turning back!

Too sad the bridge is i think less than 1km. For all the walk hike i have done i will only experience walking to the bridge in minutes hehehehe but its okay i have workout a lot. Burn fats burn!!!!

After a short enjoyment we went back to the trail again and reward ourselves with food at cafe cartel at plaza singapura.