Sunday, December 10, 2006

BBQ night with THAIs

December 9, 2006. My thai friends here in Singapore, invited me and my friend Foyan for a BBQ at Valley Park condo along river valley road. Before going to the place Foyan and I workout first at One George Street Bldg Fitness First (yes I need to workout first before eating a lot of food hehehe).

Foyan and I arrived around 7pm at the place, bringing along nothing but our hungry stomach =). While others are still doing bbq we grab some chips to fill in first and with carrot thai salad (spicy, oops Foyan almost cry of spiciness).

Eat, eat, eat as if there is no tomorrow.... we had satay, chicken sausage, squid, fishballs, fish and chicken wings for bbq, on top of that we had carrot salad, cucumber with onions and some chips, and red wine for drinks.

I call it BBQ night with Thais because only two of us are filipinos there: me and Foy, and the rest are thai nationals. Most of the time they speak thai, but it does not matter because we have the same language which is laughter =), better than english i suppose.

After bbq we had tiramisu cake to share with the birthday month (+january): Oil, Ning and Kong (in order in picture with cake). Hope to see them this Chritmas in Bangkok.


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous kayan said...

haller omar!
nakakagutom naman yung article mo!

Anyway, i linked you in my blog ok?


At 6:00 PM, Blogger omaritosan said...

sure.... =)


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