Monday, December 04, 2006

Bintan - Lagoon Resort

December 3, 2006 Sunday. Time for Bintan Island, Lagoon Resort in Indonesia (website: to relase the stress out from work. This is a 55 minute travel by speed boat from Singapore to Bintan. I Woke up around 6.30am to prepare for departure at Tanah Merah ferry terminal. Time difference of -1 hour from Singapore. (1st pix: eating light breakfast in the ferry)
The following were the schedule:
1. Swim with dolphins (quota not met)
2. Snorkeling (cancelled due to monsoon)
3. Surfing
4. Swim
5. Eat
6. Shop (2nd pix: At the hotel lounge overlooking the pool and beach)

Upon arrival at the hotel (Bintan Lagoon Resort), they welcome us with a beat of a tribal drum and a glass of lemon grass iced tea. The hotel lodge is overviewing its pool and the beach resort itself. I asked the guest activities receptionist about the current trip, only to find out that we cannot do snorkeling due to monsoon, also swimming with dolphins was postponed due to lack of people going for the trip, they need at least 8 and we lack 2. After this, we went to the spa attendant to confirm our booking in the afternoon, for full body massage. Since theres nothing else to do so we grab heavy breakfast in the hotel buffet area serving pastries, salad, pancakes, omelet, etc. After eating we went out of the hotel and walk towards the shore, took some pictures at the back of the hotel, pictures with the rocks in the shore, with the waves, and look for good spot to lay down and take a rest. Thinking of what to do, we join the crowd in the beach even though almost everybody are surfing. After few hours we went to the hotel pool and swim for awhile, dress-up and tour around the vicinity of the hotel, and went back to the activities receptionist to check if some trip will push though, and there was no luck.
We went back to the beach, grab some drinks and nap. After an hour or less I and one of my closest friend decided to do surfing. We hired instructors (from top picture, in between my friend and I, is my instructor, Ewan), my instructor was 'Ewan' and my friend's was 'Bimo'. Yes, it was fun to do surfing (tsk tsk) and I only had a chance to stand on the board, 3x and all last only in less than a second (hahaha).
But that was really fun, but due to bad weather, red flag was raised, and since it was more than an hour of surfing, we decided to rest besides we cannot surf anymore because of big the waves.
After rinsing we grab a light lunch at the bar on the shore and ordered chicken wings (eat again...), and prepare for next activity.
The next activity was the relaxation part: SPA, we had a full body massage and i preferred lemon grass oil, hmmm I can say that the massage was good enough because I had a good sleep during the course, the massage took an hour (which started around 4pm GMT+7 - Bintan time). Since we only have 2 hours more before the bus transfer us to the port: we maximixe the time by sepending an 1 hour for shopping and an hour for dinner. I did not shop a lot... still saving... I only got 1 working shirt from POLO (30% off). After that, we ate dinner at a japanese restaurant "MIYAKO" inside the hotel. After eating we rested on the lounge while waiting for the bus to come. We went back to Singapore (around 10pm SGT). Next time I wana try Bali, whew to good to be on vacation not thinking of work.

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