Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas at Bangkok

Dec 22, 2006 (Friday SG). I went out of office around 3pm for flight to Bangkok Thailand (BKK) around 6pm. Unluckily, my friend and I missed the flight for some reason. So we tried to check if there are other flights going to BKK, luckily we had reserved an 8.40pm flight but was delayed of some problem with the reservation. The flight took more or less 2 hours from SG to BKK.

Wow the airport in Thailand is huge. The weather was great, cool breeze around 22 ÂșC. The place of my friend is around 45-minute drive from the airport. I stayed at my friend's penthouse at Tai Ping tower, great place and location overlooking BKK.

My 3-day activities were as follows:
Day 1
1. Breakfast (Chubby Chef atTai Ping Towers)
2. Visit Royal Temple
3. Visit Reclining Buddha (20 acres large)
4. Lunch at Oriental Hotel
5. Siam Ocean World (Siam Paragon Mall)
6. Watch Eragon (Siam Paragon Mall)
7. Dinner at Ootaya (Siam Paragon Mall)

Well traffic in BKK has no difference in Manila. Tricycle is also means of transportation in the metropolis, only different in style because passengers seat at the back car of the motor. Buses pick up passenger along the way and there are street vendors too unlike Singapore, which is very rare.

Day 2
1. Get up at 6am and head to floating market
2. Lunch with Thai friends at Pan Pacific Hotel
3. Jim Thompson House Museum
4. SPA - Thai massage
5. Dinner with other friends
6. Bar at Dome, State Tower
7. Pat Pong! (wow amazing exhibition of ??????)

My second day was the best. My friend's folks
joined us in the floating market (thanks for driving us, more than two hour (back and forth) drive towards the floating market at Dumnuensaduak), it was really a great experience in; imagine people buying food, souvenir and other stuff using a boat, sailing in a canal. My friend's mom is like a tourist too;
she enjoyed the pastille making (candy from coconut).

After arriving home and unloading all things, we went to see his friends and had lunch at Pan Pacific hotel; food was so good the dumplings and the duck (eww i ate the duck skin). I think our lunch last for more or less 2 hours. And after the long lunch they send us off to Jim Thompson House Museum where you can see the traditional thai houses..... all the details of architecture... the roof... etc..

Since we wave a lot of time left, we went to some malls and look for pirated stuff for my mac, unluckily the store, which sells stuff for mac was closed that time. No choice to do so we went window-shopping to other malls, sleeps at starbucks and had thai massage while we wait for other friends for dinner. Finally they came in before the spa finished, Rod, Brandon and Dave (the 1st two are English teacher in Japan and Dave is a stud at NZ). We ate at a riverside restaurant overlooking the suspended bridge. After the not so spicy dinner because Dave is not used to spicy stuff, my friend and I send them off to a cab to a bar, the Dome at State Tower, while we pick up Erika to join in the bar (an English teacher too in Beijing). At the bar..... drink.... chitchat... and plan for next activity. Since we all guys plan to see the pingpong show at Pat Pong then we have to send off Erika to her hotel, yes.. We invited her but she decided not to go =).

Well the show was really awesome hehehe although the performers are quite old (sad to say, that's the only way they can make a living, but maybe a famous prostitute during their 20s) using their genital they did the following:
1. Whistle
2. Insert 3 ping pong balls and shoot in a glass
3. Dart
4. Pull 3-meter cloth with flower
5. Pull 3-meter string with blades
6. Puffing cigarette
7. the best... opening a bottle cap (grosss!!!!)
So dont you have fun with them guys... or else who know what will happen to your toooot... (hahaha)

1. Lunch with friend's folks
2. Haircut
3. Pack stuff
4. Bye bye BKK
I woke up quite late and was almost lunchtime. My friend's mom prepared lunch for us... she prepared a set of spinach lasagna, corn and onion soup and I was so full huhuhu. After that we went to a salon for haircut and look how my hair looks now hahaha, like an army student. After the haircut we went home immediately to pack our things and leave home early for airport because we cannot tell how the traffic will be. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before the flight back to SG so we spent some time window-shopping, and had dinner there too.

Other pictures:

*Images edited using Mac iComics, also thanks for the Xmas gift from my uncle Rene, the Zune and travelling bag :)


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Tangkad said...

Asan yung Pat Pong shots ?

At 6:40 PM, Blogger omaritosan said...

ooops cameras not allowed for its a live show.... too bad just visit it 300-500 baht


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