Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY break

Thanks to the Saturday OTs and thanks to the company's management decision to add leaves to those who went to work in the office during Saturdays from Nov. to Dec. I got 3.5 additional leaves (Oooops make it 4.5 as what my manager emailed hehehe). These leaves I used Friday afternoon last Feb 16, Feb 21-23, Feb 26.

From Feb 17-23 I was on vacation back to my hometown Valenzuela. Mom, Dad ad my Auntie (mom
of my cousin Katrina) picked me up in the airport at NAIA, then we went to Cavite where we had lunch at the same time, farewell of my cousin Katrina who flew for London with her husband. They prepared my favorite foods: crabs and prawn. Aside from eating lunch we had a chit-chat for a while and watched their wedding ceremony. After that, dad drop us at Makati where we had snacks at Venetto and watched Ghost Rider at GB1, while my friend and I wait for my friend Nathan who will pick us up at GB3. Picture above was taken outside of Venetto (John my cousin's husband, Katrina my cousin, me, and my big bro Osmond).

Upon meeting up with Nathan and other gym buddies, we ate at Chimara,
one of my favorite organic fast food before (Before... because their mixture now is different) and I had pesto pasta =). After eating we headed to the Fort for dessert at Krispy Kreme hehehe. And Nathan.... does your company knew that you used the company's Nissan patrol for our Tagaytay huh??? hehehe. After the dessert we went to Embassy at the Fort nice ambiance, though most of the people are high school juniors and seniors who had their prom somewhere and headed there too. We stayed at Embassy till 1am then headed straight to Nathan's pad (thanks for the hospitality by letting me sleep in your own room while u slept at your own guest room tsk tsk).

The next day, Sunday, we woke up around 10am to prepare and meet others at Alabang town center for lunch at Tagaytay at Sonya's Garden. Thanks again for the free organic lunch buffet ill try to bring my folks there too next time =). After the lunch in which I was so full, we went to starbucks overlooking Taal, then to the badly managed Palace in the Sky, then had halo halo at a restaurant overlooking Taal again. Food, Food, Food, waaaaaaaaa!!!! summer is close I need to trim down hehehe. Going back to the metropolis we stop again to Alabang town center where we had dinner at Jollibee in which I had palabok. Then thanks to Alvin for dropping us at North Edsa where my friend and I took shuttle to my place. The next day Monday, I toured my friend around my university, UST, and around Intramuros, Mall of Asia and GB3 where we had lunch with Nathan at Masas (Filipino Cuisine, wow my friend did like sisig) and dinner with my best friend Herbert at Red Crab, and 3 of us went home together. Early morning Tuesday my dad sent off my friend at NAIA, then we ate at McDonald's at Greenhills where I workout as well after our light breakfast. All though out my activity was gym, mall, go to moms office and meet friends, high school friends (barkada).

We had a small party for my dads birthday lat Feb 22, as a gift I gave my zune to my dad, and thanks for joining: Sergio, Herbert and Doc. Theresa =) also to Ramon who joined us at starbucks (tell your boss that theres life after work hehehe).

I went back to SG Feb 23, 2007 having Php20 only in my wallet huhuhuhu. And bringing stuff to the son of my moms friend, like a messenger.... grrrrr.


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