Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY post celeb with Thai Friends

Upon arriving at SG, Feb 23, 2007. I sms my friends as to what time we gonna meet up. Good thing I still have 2 hours to go. I arrived SG around 4.30pm. And we all gonna meet at Clarke Quay for reverse Bungee and dinner at Jumbo and anything goes.

First commers, Me and Wit, followed by Oil, Ning, Kae + friend, Kong + 2 friends. A long discussion on who will do bungee.... darn it ends up to only two of us will do it, Wit and I myself. The course was not that bad, and i like it more we are falling down facing the ground hehehehe. For S$40 and a 3-5 minutes ride.... hmmm its ok for first timers like me.

Then we had dinner at Jumbo at boat quay, we ordered: Chilli crab, Cereal Prawn, Scallops with taro, Brocolli with scallops and dessert. Kae was so funny telling her school life that she had a model friend and an actress fro highschool and college which makes her invisible to guy's eyes whenever she is with her model/actress friend (hehehe). Food again! damn making me fat hehehe all of us 9 people shared S$45 for the food. Then ice cream at Hokkaido, I passed this time around for I was so full.

Then we stayed till late night at Moroccan Lounge Bar at Clarke Quay, close to MOS. We had two Shisha and I just ordered San Pellegrino for drinks. Puff, puff puff till we get dizzy hehehe. Well the place has good ambiance and good crown. Though all of my friends are Thai its not a problem is they talk in thai most of the times for 1 will translate it to me in English heheheh. Talk talk talk, laugh laugh laugh, puff puff puff and drink! After we run out of the second shisha we tried to order cigarette, but since its a bit pricy there, so one of us have to go out and buy it at 7-Eleven hehehe good thing was they did not charged us for items bouht outside. We stayed there for 4 hours till 1am.


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