Sunday, February 11, 2007

Normal Weekend Addiction

Feb 9-11, 2007 Activities.
Hangout with Friends/Clubbing. Well it always start on Friday night. TGIF! Thanks God Its Friday, but no thanks if there is overtime on the Saturdays (hehehe). After office I went to gym to take a quick shower and headed to Vivo City Mall at Harbor Front to meet my Thai friends: Wit, Ning, Kong and Kae and more of Kae 3 Singaporean friends. Kae is so active, and a lot of stories to share and also making fun of Singaporean accent, but she herself has it too =D. We stayed in one restaurant facing Sentosa in Vivo City. We ordered a beer each before going to St. James Power Plant Station next to Vivo. We want to be a big group so I tried calling Foyan if she can join, unluckly she was on board flying to Manila; some more Filipino friends but they are visiting a sick colleague in the hospital and others already at home.

Wow prices differ... males pay S$5 higher (hehehe). St. James Power Plant is kinda like MOS. The Latin performers were awesome, good music. And there was also a 'shooting' of a beautiful Thai MTV Vj Sonya Cooling, but I wonder why they shoot there? or its just a public display? Anyway shes gorgeous hehehe she has some angles of similarity with the former Filipino MTV Vj Donita Rose. We stayed long in the hip hop room.

Workingout in the Gym FF/FF+. Workout in the morning or in the afternoon at Paragon, Orchard. This I do on weekly basis. Sometimes I seem y gym buddies in the gym: Foyan, Wit, Naph and Jayson. Lets pump those muscle out!

DOTA. Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA). This is only a map on top of Warcraft III Frozen Throne expansion. To play like LAN over the internet, I use GG-Game Client, there I join in ASEAN rooms preferably PH room. No thanks to the earthquake that shook Taiwan making my connection with the EU run slow. Most of the time I play with other people in the room, sometime with my lil bro in US and some friends and relatives in PH and in SG as well. My ID is 'tukumu'. I can do random selection of heroes.

I play this game after I woke-up in the weekends, at night and sometimes when at home.

Sounds Tripping. Another activity during weekends I like is listening to my music in full volume: Alternative, RNB, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, Head Kandi, Metal and others, wow almost all genre (tsk tsk). Hope my neighbors are still okay.

Eating. Check this link --> My favorite foods


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