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This week, weekend for me started as early as Thursday night, since I am also on leave the whole Friday for Krabi, Thailand. Thanks to Foyan for inviting me and my former colleague Arnaldo to Jack Daniel's Party at Ministry of Sound (MOS, Singapore), Friday night.

Last Thursday (March 8, 2007), right after office hours I rushed down to meet Apo, who works at Citibank (since he forgot his hand phone), and went to Liang Court where he had his dinner at Mc Donalds. A few minutes later, Arnaldo came and we all waited for Foyan's sms. Foyan told us that we would see each other at TCC at Clarke Quay. At this time, I was urging two of my colleagues to join us, but they passed after a long discussion thru sms. We stayed at TCC while we wait for others.... Bee Came, Maia and her friends I really cannot remember all the names (to many to remember for just a night). Only Maia and Foyan have VIP passes and Foyan is brining only 3, which includes me, the rest 10, are Maia's.

Inside MOS damn we shouldn't have had our dinner, since inside MOS they are serving buffet for Jack Daniels friends, us. They had pasta, chips, mashed potato, chicken wings and a free flow of JD Coke (Wow!!!), but the queue was too long... I only got a change to drink 2 glasses of JD Coke. They have band too, who plays alternative songs.

We did not stay long at MOS; we left the club around 10.45pm, since all of them still have to work the next day. In addition, the ambiance was not that encouraging for us to dance =P.

Friday. March 9, 2007. I woke up early for my 7 flight to Krabi. I together with my Thai friends see each other in Changi airport (Pongpan Pienputtarapong [Oil], Sirikanya Narongtanupon [Ning], Taweekiat Charoenkhunanon [P'Kong] and Wit) where they had light breakfast (I took mine in the plane). The flight was 1hr and 40minutes. We have to wait for Kae to arrive from Bangkok, but since we don't want to waste time, we went to a small town riding on a jeepney (two rows as what they call it there), and had a light lunch of local foods (people here are healthy for they eat whatever leaves they can pick in their yard). Then we went back to airport to see Kae and to wait for Ning's uncle who drove/leaded us to Railay where we gonna stay for the first night. I was amazed by the limestone formation in Krabi, it is so nice and calming... We stop at Krabi; the girls bought flip-flops, while Wit and I bought our sunglasses since we forgot ours in Singapore. Then finally we went to our last land trip, for we have to take a tail boat to Railay peninsula. I love the views all around... Limestone island... Clear sea...

In less than an hour we arrived at Railay peninsula where we have to stay until the next day. We stayed at Railay Princess Resort and SPA where we had free accommodation care of Ning's relative. After unpacking our things in the hotel and rest a bit, we prepared for our trekking and rock climbing. We went to one of a shop there and get equip properly. After all of us were equipped, we went walking along the shore to get in to the west side of the peninsula where people swim and sunbathe. Almost 95% of people in the beach are whites (Caucasians); lots of girls are top less under the sun. We walked further towards a cave. We climbed the limestone and get inside the cave (it was not that hard for me, thanks to my everyday gym). We went into the caves using flashlight, ropes, bamboo ladders, each other's hand and trust. Upon reaching an opening (wow the view!! its paradise), the view was very calming and peaceful. Out rock climber instructor lay down the ropes for our free fall. There were two ropes to choose from, one is hard and 1 easy, of course I chose the hard one =P. Lucky me I did not have any wound or bruises, because others had it. It was nice experience and adventurous going down the rock, for my life is entrusted in my hands, and I was careful enough not to loose my grip on the rope. After hours of trekking we went down the cliff to have a light snack on the beach on the west side of the peninsula. We had crepes and drinks and waited for the sun to set (they say... 'you cannot say that one has been in Railay, without seeing the sun set'). I took a nap on along the shore while waiting for the sun to set. And it was definitely a nice view, all of us observing it with all the other people around. After this we went back and to shower and rest a bit and prepare for a heavy dinner and go dancing in a bar. We had barracuda, fried rice for dinner and some Thai dishes that I really don't know the name. Then after the dinner we went to a bar close to the restaurant.... I ordered mai thai while I watched the fire show. Some of us went back to our room around 11pm to rest and get energized for the next day.

The next day... I woke up around 9am and I wonder where are some of my friends... Then the phone rang... They are waiting for me at the hotel bar for buffet breakfast; they served omelet, pancakes, chicken dog and nuggets, fried phad thai noodles and veggies. Right after breakfast we walked around the shore and decided to swim too after we checked out from the hotel. Some of us sun bathe, I also lay down to burn my back under the sun to make the color even. After the swim since we already checked out, we rinsed ourselves in the shower in the pool area of the hotel and get dressed for we are going to Ning's auntie's pad at Trang. It took us more or less 3 hours to get there located inside a village that is owned too by Ning's uncle. They were so nice to us and accommodating, and the house is an English style: big hall, big couch, and nice view by the riverside. Ning's auntie prepared the dinner for us, man that was a lot: kebab (beef/pork/chicken), prawn, crabs, fish, mushrooms, tom yam and rice; and we ate with the whole family. A long dinner that lasted for less than 3 hours, and after 2 hours more I went up and took shower before I slept.

On our last day... We all woke up around 6-7am and had coffee by the riverside of the house, took pictures and had a short chitchat. Then we pack our thing and placed at the cars compartment for our snorkeling at one of Ning's auntie's resort. Along the way we stopped at a restaurant to eat Kaw Yam, a local organic food. After eating we continue with our travel but this time we used the red car and Ning was our driver that time. Arriving at the resort we unpacked our things while Ning went to see her auntie and prepare for the snorkeling, they have their own speedboat and driver/guide that leaded us thru our entire journey that day. At the port I was asked not to speak because they charge foreigners differently, so I kept my mouth shut first. We have to cross the public transport ship and another smaller one just to get to the speedboat, and right after we got in the captain send us off to our snorkeling area near an island. We snorkeled 3 times; the second one was after we went to the emerald cave and the last one was after our lunch. So many fish though I don't know the name but what I remembered were the tiger fish and lobsters. We also went to emerald cave; they call it emerald cave because the water when struck by light rays the color is like emerald. We went deep in the cave until darkness falls down and after few seconds we saw a light leading to an open area, and I remember my friend told me that there were only two of a kind in this world. Tourist has to wear life jackets and swim slowly through small cavity to the cave about 80 meters. However this cave is available to visit only at low tide. Inside the Emerald Cave is beautiful as its name by the emerald water and white sand beach, surrounded by high cliff and covered by the blue sky. This is one of the wonderful natures, which cannot find anywhere in Thailand.

After the long trip we went back to the shore around 2pm and took shower. We left the resort around 3pm with a commuter van to Krabi airport. The trip in general was excellent in a short time though, I tell you 3 days is not enough to discover south of Thailand. It was a good experience for me to see that they preserve nature here. Our flight was around 6pm to Singapore, while Kae need to stay for another hour for her flight was around 7pm to BKK.

Kurp koon krub (Thank you) especially to the accommodation and all of my friends and Ning's relatives even though I am the only one not Thai, we share common laughter.

more pix:

*most of the pictures posted were taken thru my hand phone.

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