Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sungard Bowling and Farewell to Kae

TGIF (March 2, 2007) we had our company Bowling at Marina Bowling Center at Marina Square. Our team "Heroes" is composed of 3 Filipinos and an Indian (Me, Geranne, Theo, and Rajesh). Although we were eliminated during the 1st 2 games at least I had 2 strikes (hehehehe) and a bunch of spares. My colleague Geranne although his first time still scores well (see you can do it). After bowling 3 of us Filipinos decided to have dinner at Lau Pa Sat as the same time meet Theo's colleagues and friends way back in Philippines. I was not so surprised when Teo's friends asked if I am a local, but Theo told them im Japanese.... (awww then we have to converse in English just to pretend that I am not a Filipino); and until we depart they did not know (they gonna kill you Theo tsk tsk).

The next day, Saturday, we had a farewell party for Kae, whose going back to Thailand this coming Tuesday, after 6 months or more of assignment here in Singapore. We had dinner at Holland Village at Fosters Restaurant (Me, Oil, Ning, Wit, Pom, Kae and her friend). The restaurant serves good pasta and the ambiance is nice with live acoustic type singer (I think the singer is a Filipino, I can say from the accent). Hope to see you Kae at Trang this coming Weekend. We ate there for about two hours we had: calamari, Caesar salad, Mediterranean pasta, chicken, mushroom and red wine. After dinner we decided to have shisha/hooka at Arab street. We stayed at Samar again but since we came in too early and people around are still having their dinner, we have to stay at the ground floor first until 10.30pm. Since im craving for cakes, I ordered blue berry cheesecake and a milk tea Laufah. At 10.30pm we went up, barefoot because no shoes, flips allowed upstairs. We sat at the middle of the hall facing the live band which of course we don't understand the song because it is in Arabic. One singer rhythm is so good he is like rapping and doing hip hop. We stayed there until Kong and friends arrived, we left the place around midnight and get a cab to drive us home.


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