Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fish Reflexology on Black Saturday

After a long time of running 3-4 times a wee and some callus were formed, its time to reward my feet a little comfort with a reflexology, now fish reflexology!

This is in Sentosa next to underwater world, the shop is Fish Reflexology, Underwater World. It was quite fun and tickling (at first 2-5 mins) which keeps me laugh and some people would look at me (hehehe... not my fault... Fish fault!). I soaked my feet in the water for 20 minutes, and let the fish do their thing. The shop has too pool of fish, one has large fishes and the other one small ones. The large fishes are tickling while the small ones makes me feel something like grounded (electrocuted).

After the fish reflexoloy, the staff called to wash my feet (and so i did) and seat in the couch and the therapist will to his thing on my feet. It was so relaxing and I fall asleep (zzzzzZZZZ). After 20 minutes of reflexology again, they woke me up to have the next massage, this time back and head massage. I have to seat in the back massage chair and bend my head in. The therapist started to massage my nape and it was so good... I fall asleep again for 10 minutes, and I think as far as I remember the therapist try to woke me up 3x (hehehe).

How I wish it could be longer, feels good to have massage then fall asleep. I remember my cousin Katrina who lives in UK
now, who used to do massage on me every Friday night after doing her laundry. Hope you massage me again when I am on vacation there =P.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

2007 WEEK 14: New addiction... WOW

After purchasing my World of Warcraft (WOW) standard edition at Marina Square and installing Thursday (March 29, 2007) S$39.90 and a game card 2 moths validity 24hrs a day around S$49.90, it became my newest addiction aside from working out during weekends.

I came home late last Friday and I have to rest a bit because I had a headache, then I woke up past midnight (Saturday), guess what... I switched on my mac and... run WOW hehehe. Well... I was invited to play before by Chiwai from my previous work to play but was too lazy to install, instead I played Defence Of The Ancients (DOTA) with my colleagues in the office at CrimsonLogic during free time (need to practice ALT-TAB... you know what i mean), and with friends, relatives and other players too. Also Albert Egana, my classmate in college who lives now in US invited me too and even insisted that DOTA are for poor who cannot afford WOW (hahaha... he convinced me too). I was about to choose Alberts realm Llane but was already full, so I decided to join in the Lightbringer room with my former colleagues Chiwai and Candice who gave me 20 gold in the game too (thanks with this I can buy armor, weapons and travel with griffin a lot hehehe). Continuing the story... I also invited one of my friend to join so I can have a group to start a party to kill monsters. From picture above you can see my character and more detailed in this link (WOW: ID=tukumu; Realm=Lightbringer). I slept around 3am.

Then... I woke up around 8am and started playing again until 1pm. Then a little nap 'til 3pm, went out to workout until 6pm; and went out to Night Safari with friends. We need to tour one of our good friend whose an English teacher in Japan, Rod. Nothing much new in Night Safari since my last visit there... I hope my friend enjoyed it. Rod also noticed that the dancers were doing tinikling (a former national Philippine dance), dancing with four bamboos, and maybe the dancers are Filipinos? Since lots of entertainers here in Singapore are Filipinos.

Continuing... We went off the safari 30 minutes before midnight, and after arriving home I rushed to my mac and play WOW this time until 4am (Sunday). Woke up around 9am and continue the addiction hehehe. Played until 1pm, grabbed lunch at crystal jade, played again... run for 10 minutes then jacuzzi, ate tomato pesto pasta at home which I cooked... and played again... waaaa I am so addicted!