Thursday, May 03, 2007

Early Weekend marks at JPMCC; Recognition

Thursday, May 3, 2007 marks the start of my weekend. Why? because it seems that we are not tied-up in work because most of us in the office including most of the team leads and managers (total of 32) joined the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (JPMCC). Its a 5.6km marathon of more or less 10,000 corporate personnel (gee good thing nobody was injured with stomp). The starting line starts at the bridge next to Esplanade and was divided with a string for runners and walkers. Of course runners are in front but still divided by time range one can achieve like: less than 20mins, less 30mins less 40mins. Though I was not sure where I fall 'coz I really cant see the divider nor it is crowded and that I cannot move in front further.

It took me 38mins to finish the course, in which i combine sprint, jog and walk. There were water stops along the course which I grabbed some and water my sweaty face (yeah I like the feeling). Everybody who finished the course got a bag (not that good though) with T-shirt, 4 anlene yougart drink and some paper ads.

Friday came... and look like everybody was resting from the marathon. Not so much work to do for we have farewell for our Filipino colleague whose moving out to Canada for good. A long lunch around 2 hours at Tuk Tuk Thai and a farewell message meeting at end of day.

Saturday... I workout at Paragon Fitness First and gee, I was not that surprised that my photo in winning Fitness First's Motorola Duathlon Challenge is in the gym's monthly newsletter (bottom right of the picture above), this is aside from some poster posted in clubs bulletin board itself. So I grabbed some and scan and sent it to my gym buddies in Philippines (hehehe). Then after workout I meet my Thai friends and a Filipina in Valley Park for dinner. They prepared and cooked Thai food... the tuna salad was good!.


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