Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dinner Dinner Dinner + Tourist Trap

July 6 (Friday). My best friend Herbert and his girlfriend Chisse went here for tourist vacation. I invited them for a dinner at Clark Quay, I booked a dinner at Jumbo around 9.40pm. After office I went to Clarke Quay to wait for them. They arrived in the area on time and we ordered: chilli crab, black pepper crab, jelly fish, mee goreng, fried prawn with cereals, rice and steamed buns to dip in chilli crab. We finished eating around 11.20pm (gees that was long). Then we walked towards the Central Mall and even told them that the trees with lights there were copied form Shinjuku street in Japan. Then we had green tea (macha) ice cream at Hokkaido ice cream store while watching people doing reverse bungee jump on the other side of the river. Moving along and since they have still around 20mins before MRT closes I tour them inside Clarke Quay bars and shops where I usually hangout: The Clinic, MOS, Moroccan lounge, Hooters, etc... Then I send them off to MRT. After I arrive home of course I check first auction house of WOW before I slept.

Saturday. I have to come to the office (fuck!). I was disappointed on how my boss manage resources. I don't have anything to do much not until 4pm in the afternoon. The task was initially assigned to other person who took leave and was transferred to my other colleague. Around 4pm he cannot resolve the issue on his IDE and my boss assigned the task to me. But prior to that I already told my boss at the beginning of the week that I have an appointment on Saturday and that I will leave office around 3-3.30 initially and was moved to 5pm because of the task. But wait.... he haggle if I can go by 5.30. I was totally disappointed on how he manages resources.

Anyhow I went to see my friends (Singaporean group with French, US and Brazilian) at Harbor Front on time for our Cheng-Ho Singapore Harbor Cruise. We had dinner 'international buffet' in the cruise. I call this 'TOURIST TRAP'. Why? because they serve not good food at all, and the
waitress are so dumb! Imagine my one of my friend ordered vodka cranberry and the waitress gave him vodka can berry (the waitress could have given him a gasoline rather... lolz :P. Totally not good at all for S$55 what do we get in the end? A post card not even postage free. Anyway... after the dinner we went to Vivo Mall to grab some beers and had chit chat. We finished around 11pm.

Sunday. Since I left the office early yesterday, I have to come drop by in the office for the critical issue. But I did not stay long just fixed the XSL file and left the office. I workout at paragon and meet Filipino colleagues before at CrimsonLogic who I invited to play WOW too. We ate at Jologs food outlet in Lucky Plaza (hehehe). At night we just played WOW.

[waiting for other pix: Desmond send me the pix]


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Coffee fairy said...

hmm, how much was the Singapore Harbour cruise? What type of ferry?

hey, I'm quite amused that you ate at Jologs, I can't believe it, hehe. :)

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Coffee fairy said...

oh ok, I've seen the picture of the ferry for the cruise now. Atleast the ambiance is nice since the boat is nice?

At 1:23 AM, Blogger omaritosan said...

I ordered chicken inasal and it taste like sweetened adobo.

The cruise.... hmmmmm not that nice at all its a TOURIST TRAP, honestly.


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