Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Boo! on working on Saturday. It really makes me sick working on Saturday! Just imagine coming back to office, Saturday for 8hours of work... whew. This make me think of moving to another company.

Good thing I have donuts to release stress. Krispy Kreme and Donut Factory hahaha; US brand donuts and Asian brand (of course Krispy Kreme is far better than Donut Factory). From Saturday night to Sunday night all I did is to sleep, eat, play WoW and watch movie. After office last Satruday my friend and I watched Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix at Tiong Bahru Mall around 10pm. I like the Harry Potter movie this time 'coz its not that childish compared to the earlier movie series.

Then on Sunday, I met my friends for lunch at CPK along Orchard road and watched Live Free or Die Hard 4.0 at GV Grand around 10pm as well. This weekend work really made me sick! Good thing the movies also help me release the stress.


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