Sunday, July 01, 2007

Where is Orchard Road???

June 30, 2007. Its been two days that I am having sorethroat. I said to myself that, this time around I will not let the day passed without consulting a doctor. After 9am in the morning, I head out of the road to flag a cab. I told driver to drop me off at Paragon shopping centre along Orchard road (for my check-up). The driver nodded and that if I can direct him how to go there. I was so surprised that I asked him... "What? you don't know where Orchard is?", and he replied "just tell me where to go lah!, I don't go to the place often". I said okay... (noob cabbie). I was also surprised when my bill was only S$2.60. He might forgotten to start the metre when I hopped in.

It was around 9.30 am when I arrived at the Medical Associates Centre at
6/F Paragon. Only to find out that they open 9am but doctors comes at 10.45am. So instead of wasting time waiting I just went to Din Tau Fong for breakfast.


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