Monday, August 13, 2007

HK - Macau - HK

Aug 09. Welcome to HK. Flight with Jetstar was around 6.40am SGT. My friend Wit and I went early to Changi to buy digicam before flying. Unluckily we had a back seat so we cannot recline our chair =(. In addition, flying with a lot of mainland Chinese people is horrible, thats all I can say, that the crew member sometimes have to shout at people standing when they are supposed to be seated.

We arrived in HK Int'l Airport pass 10am and was showering. We took the airport express train and alighted at Kowloon station, and took a cab to Royal Pacific Hotel where we stayed. We were so lucky that all non-executive rooms were full, hence, we were given an executive twin room. Good service. Good room. Great stay.

The Peak. As part of the itinerary which I planned, this day is Peak day. Ride the Peak Tram and explore the Peak. Literally, the Peak is located at the Peak of the
mountain with T-shaped shopping centre. And that one way of going there which is famous is by riding the tram. It was cloudy and foggy that time, that we have to wait for a clear view of the city (HK island) to satisfy our sight.

Aug 10. Disneyland Typhoon. Scattered rain hit HK and eminent typhoon was looming. Second day of the itinerary is Disneyland day for ourselves who are young at heart (haha).

Disneyland. We arrived the park before at noon, and from there we waited for other friends to join. One day pass ticket costs HKD 350, and we availed of the fast pass ticket to avoid long queue. We watched the Lion King show (musical) and rode Space Mountain (i like! cool!) in Tomorrowland, also played with a gun to shoot the Zs (hehehe forgot the name). Unluckily between 2-3 there was an announcement that the park will close due to incoming typhoon with signal #8 (waaaah). There was nowhere to go, malls were closing..., office workers were advice to go home... only the MTR was busy that time. We tried our luck to go to the Buddha but was also closed due to typhoon. So we just went to the city and the MTR stations was like a sardine in a can (see picture, like before and after), if you know what I mean. So we just separated and my roommate and I just went back to hotel and rest and call it a day. At night, my friend and I went our for a dinner around temple street and ate long bean and pork. After we took our own photos of the skyline of HK at night (of course it is far better than the skyline of SG or any other city in SEA I guess.

For dinner we went to times square in the city and ate at the food forum in one of the Chinese restaurants around Causeway Bay.

Aug 11. Adventure in Ocean Park and Gamble in Macau. Ocean Park is located in the south of HK island and is bigger than Disneyland. Its like 2 parks connected by cable car. Only two of us went to Ocean Park because the others who are based in HK need to go to work. We had our lunch first arriving at the vicinity.

Our first ride was the Raging River. Fortunate enough we did not get that wet as compared to others =). Then next in line was the Dead Mines... roller coaster! but without a 360 loop, but was good enough, I like the sudden drop. Then we went to watch dolphins and sea lion show at the Ocean Park theater. Gee, dolphins jump 2x my height. The theater was full of audience too, I think its one of the major attraction in the park. We also went to the other area of the park by riding the cable car. I was so mad from the people from mainland china for the reasons: cutting line, insensitive and does not take good care of their kids; it was so annoying.

At the other area of the park we just watched the 3 pandas! So cute, that I wanna have one panda as pet (hehehe). Then we went back to the first area and rode another roller coaster, this time around it has 3 360 loops, and I kept on laughing while it loops (ticklish inside my body). Then the last ride for the day was the Abyss, which moves vertically on a 185 foot tower then it will do a turbo drop (i like this!).

After a day of adventure and thrill at Ocean Park. We went back to hotel to rest for a bit. Around 8pm we departed from HK to go to Macau for Casino!. We sailed with a speed boat and since it was raining, our ship sways with the waves making some passengers get dizzy and puke (ewwww, gross!!!!).

Different shuttle buses of different casino awaits customers at the port of Macau. Casinos are everywhere in Macau and is well lighted because of it. Some of the Casinos are Wynn, Sands, Babylon, Galazy and Lisboa Casino. We went to visit first Wynn Casino. They have fountain show too. We had our dinner in Wynn Casino and I played the slot machine there too. 0.20HKD per game and guess how much I lose? S$4 only. One player lost 40K HKD thats around S$7.8K in Black Jack. We also wend to Galaxy (cool they have sexy dancers on stage lolz), and other casinos... We went back to Hong Kong around 2am.

Aug 12. Shopping... We hop on different shops like CK, Diesel, Boss, Nautica, AX, DKNY and a lot more. Glad that I have found a good shirt that fits me at FCUK and was 30% off. Still thinking of the silver diesel pair of shoes with 50% off, I should have brought. Maybe next time.

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