Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am a SPR

Yesterday (22-Sept-2007), I got my letter of Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) approval. What I need to do now is to fill-in the forms attached in the mail and submit myself in their office on weekdays. Yey! I will have to take a half or whole day off. I still need to provide 4 passport photo Id though.... (haiz).

The con is that my salary will be subjected to their social security: Central Provident Fund (CPF). Which means that, I will get deduction every payday (haiz again). The pros are that, it's all my savings plus the contribution of employer, plus the bank interest. In a way I have gains. Another is that, it will be easier for me to get visa to travel to another country (am not sure bout this, but this is what PR holder says).