Sunday, October 28, 2007

Depressed weekend

-low in spirits;
-lonely and blue in a strange city;
-depressed by the loss of his job;
-a dispirited and resigned expression on her face;
-downcast after his defeat;
-feeling discouraged and downhearted

Yes! I never been depressed in my stay here in Singapore. Maybe its time to think about life. Specially when friends and love ones are leaving the country for new opportunities in other places like AU, US and their own country like PH and TH. Journey of life continues...

Possible Plans
1. Resign and have a month vacation in home country and return back after a month to look for another job here in SG.
2. Apply to AU as immigrant. According to my friends this could take a year of processing.
3. Look for work in the US probably in east coast so I can live with my relatives there.
4. Back to Philippines to work.
5. Look for other IT work in other countries not stated in #1-4
6. Well.... be strong and stay in SG

Other reason of being depressed
1. Work. For the past year that I have been working in my company, 50% of it, I work 10-12 hours and I feel bad for myself specially for my body and mind. Hope when I get old my body will not charge me all the overtime work.

Its a really tough decision to make. May the light be with me.