Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deepavali at Bintan

Nov 10-11, 2007. I spent my weekend at Bintan, Indonesia; the same place I have been before (link). I could have stayed there since Friday because I thought my friend Nathan from Philippines will be coming over but was postponed.

Well, nothing much was changed since my last visit there. I went there with my friend Wit to surf but the weather was bad, cloudy... and the waves are not even good for surfing. So what we did is just to swim... in pool and on the beach, play Nintendo DS, eat and had a good spa massage.

Since it was holiday when we went there, the ferry was packed as well as the hotel. Lots of white people this time around as compared to the last time I went there. This was a good holiday break for a very busy last quarter in the office. Next vacation will be on December..... I can't wait!

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