Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday: Foyan

Nov 17 is the birthday of my friend, Foyan. She invited me and our Thai friend for a dinner with her other set of filipino friends based here in Singapore. She treated us at Fish and Co. at Glass House beside Park Mall and we had four (4) sets of seafood platter for two... (wow I was so full after eating) with total headcount of 10.

After dinner we headed to MOS, we hurried so we can catch up the HSBC promotion, that is bring a friend for a VIP pass. Not all of us went to MOS 3 left already after the dinner and since 4 of us in the group has HSBC cards, then all of us went in for free in a VIP lane (cool). The only catch was, we have to be there before 11pm. when people are just preparing to come to bars/clubs. So we found it a little boring at first, of course ambiance is dead, no people dancing yet, and some rooms/halls were still closed until 11pm. But yes, we did enjoy and celebrate to the max at the 2nd floor (sound of the 80's and that does not mean anything... lol). That even Heineken crew took as photo as caught celebrating! awesome! I left them still celebrating at 2am.

So to my friend Foy... many many many more birthdays to come.

Nov 18. Nothing much just slept until the afternoon and then prepare documents for Japan visa application.


At 5:58 PM, Blogger Coffee fairy said...

awww, thanks Omar! ang sweet! mwah! :)


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