Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Will Rock You With Spirits

Weekend starts Friday! TGIF and I am on-leave consuming my off-in-lieu for the Saturdays work I have done last year.

Friday. At night after I have done my things. I met with my Filipino friends for the We Will Rock You concert in Esplanade, a treat from Ays, who is working with Credit Suisse (Thanks much!). Five of us watched the concert: Ays, Foyan, Ana, Dioves, and myself. The concert has its own play leaded by Migs Ayesa, an artist born in the Philippines, raised in Australia, He lived in London for 3 years where he played the lead in Queen's WE WILL ROCK YOU, and starred in RENT.
They played all the greatest hits of QUEEN. Damn I really like Bohemian Rhapsody and I really like how they did it.... The intro and everything. Anyhow I captured a 30-second video clip. Check this out: YOUTUBE Video Clip

After the concert we went to Makansutra for Ana's dinner and to meet with two more friends: JD and Mike. We all went to Robertson Quay for spirits! White wine and Corona with lime, so good. We stayed there until 2am.

Saturday. It's SLR time... a lot of my friends have SLR and they love photo shooting. I went with them to Labrador Park, near HarborFront. I also brought my digicam and also captured still shots of the nature in the park and the output looks like I have a SLR as well (hahaha). After which we went to JD's place for dinner... He treated us for his birthday! (Thanks). And spend the night till twilight with the spirit of JD (Jack Daniel's) mixed with Coke. When everybody was drunk Q&A portion started. We all left JD's place around 5ish in the morning of Sunday.

Sunday. Sleep zzzZZZZzzzzz. Rest.