Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Break in the land Down Under!

April 11, 2008 was may last day in SunGard System Access and I was off to the land down under at that night. Nothing to say much... Enjoy the comic strips.

My initial destination for the trip was Brisbane, then off to Sydney where I spent most of the time, and finally Melbourne.

People are friendly. The immigration was superb in assisting me, and in giving directions how to hop on to the domestic airport going to Sydney. They just ask if I have reservation in Sydney since I landed first in Brisbane, after showing them the reservation I was on my own. They did not even stamp on my empty passport pages. Thanks! that saves me getting new passport hee hee.

With my stay in Sydney I catch-up with my college classmate Ledz and Ed. Thanks for the warm welcome and for touring me around the city, the beach (Bondi), Olympic Park, Opera House, Harbor bridge and all. I had a great time with you guys!

Also to my German (enjoy your driving to Gold Coast), French (remember me when you write an article of a French magazine), and the Thais that was there to the Blue Mountains. See you next time in Paris and Munich.

Sydney. The most beautiful harbor in the world and one of the oldest in the world. For a little history, the initial settlers of Sydney was the convicts in U.K. They develop it until what Sydney has now.

Sydney has a lot of Victorian style building and even has a Queen Victoria Building (QVB) on top of Town Hall subway station. Ledz also sent me to Star city to have a dinner buffet and check the casino. The place is also a nice night view overlooking the CBD.

Places a tourist should not miss are the beaches in Sydney. They have the world's famous Bondi beach. People here can go topless regardless of gender. But beware of sharks hee hee.

If you want something quiet, then Manly beach is the place. Ferries are available in the Circular Quay. Nice beach and more surfer for a nice wave under a great sunny weather.

More of Sydney...
They have double-decker trains. I stayed in a back packer place at Kings Cross. Most traveler avoid Kings Cross at night. But its only at night Kings Cross gets lively and more interesting. Lots of strippers, adult sex shops, people drinking and police patrolling.

Fitness First in Sydney sells out tanning lotion and towels are for rent.

Filipinos in Sydney are warm and very happy to chat with another Filipino and even offer their place the next time I will travel to Sydney. Wow so great!

Here are some animals that are OZ natural. I visited them in the Wildlife Park and Sydney aquarium. Tamed kangaroos, koalas, Fire ants, Leather back turtle, Sharks and more.

They also have a miniature of the great barrier reef of Gold Coast.

How can anyone miss the Blue Mountain!? Why blue? Okay let me answer. According to our guide. Its blue because the mist of eucalyptus makes it blue. There are a lot of eucalyptus species in blue mountain and that is why.

For the trip. We went see wild kangaroos, check the cliffs, went to scenic world and rode the cable car and train. I like the train a lot its very steep... its like 75-80 degrees angle.

Part 2. Still blue Mountain.

We went to the 3 Sisters mountain. Had some time with the Thais traveling with us in the van.

For the walk to the stair to see the falls, some of the oldies just stayed in the van as they are tired.

Blue Mountain is also accessible by train. Alight at Katoomba and a lot of explorer bus awaits there to drop you on many places.

There are a lot of Italian food chains in Sydney as well for Thais and Muslim Kebab to choose from. Steaks are also almost everywhere starting from A$5 (but I don't know if the meat will be good). There are a lot of restaurants along Darling Harbor and for drinks, The Rocks. If one seek fun and other happenings there is Kings Cross and Oxford street for gay and lesbian.

I really enjoyed my vacation holiday in Sydney hope to come back again soon.

Other info I observed/learned:
-Hungry Jack's is Burger King
-Sky dive is cheaper than harbor bridge climb
-Kings Cross is not that bad as most think of, its alive!
-'A' is pronounced as 'I'
-Bondi is one of the world's famous beach

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