Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mind Test in Fitness First

After a year of joining a duathlon in the gym (link),  what they offer now are mind tests like "spot the difference contest". Today, I workout at Fitness First Paragon branch.... It was like an hour of doing cardio and some resistance weights, when I was about to piss, and pass-by a bulletin board with my name included in one laminated printouts. 

I was so eager to read what it was all about.... and to find out I was one of the lucky guy who joined the contest a month ago. Now... I wonder what is in the Fitness First premiums.... and I hope the person I last referred will be valid. 

Great mind starts with a healthy body!"


Saturday swimming... with Pinoy gang in Calyon SG

June 28, Saturday. It was a good morning last Saturday... fair weather and good sun! Around 10 my flat-mate Nathan and I immediately went to the gym at One George street to get the sun on my back. When we arrived one of my French friend, Christophe was already having sun bath. We applied oil... undress with only trunks on and lie next on the pool area of the gym.... nice... It was great morning! The sun was great as well! 

Since both of my buddies have appointment one is 1pm and Nathan was 2pm. I was left in the gym for until 3pm. After some free weights and cardio. I went to Orchardy visit Zara for the sale; and then after... on the way to Toa Pa  Yo I met 2 of my colleagues in MRT going to the same place for late afternoon swimming party of Calyon Pinoys. 

We stayed at Marlon's flat (one of my teammate in the office). From the picture below are (left to right): Ricky, Omar, Leslee, Arnold, Rio, Gizelle, Marlon, and Gelo. Not included in the picture who also joined are: Erick, who brought us Tequilla (Thanks!); and Anette, who is not with the company anymore. It was a nice tipsy night. I was the bottler again, for this gathering! :)

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend sale...

I went to the watch sale by Guess, D&G, DKNY, Fossil and Emporio Armani at Suntec Convention Centre. What to expect but the long queue.... I was lucky enough to get a good one for 120 bucks after 50% discount..... good for my swimming with 100meters water resistant which I now use. Its fossil blue chronograph. After the purchase.... I tried it at One George Street FF Platinum pool... so far so good. :D

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Grooming weekend

Friday hangouts (May 30)....... at Bungy Bar again.... where else!?? Near the reverse bungy jump at Clarke Quay. With my girl friends and couples fresh in SGP, Kat and Ricky. The couples were my former colleague way back in PHL when my client was Accenture.

We hangout for a while in Bungy bar for like 3hours. Had beers, cigarette and a bit of chit chat, watching AFL and of course listening to the live acoustics of the Bar. After we sent off the couples pass midnight, Ays came to see us. We went to TCC to continue whatever we have started. But I just had green tea frappe (lol) my favorite drink!.

The next day when I woke up I was too lazy to stand up right away. Since I knew that my appointment at True Spa was at 5.30 in the afternoon.
So I went to go out of my place around 2pm, to workout a bit before I had my full body massage. It was so relaxing! Nice ambiance... I don't remember what kind of massage I had but what I do remember was that I requested for sporty massage, with med to high pressure. It took an hour for the whole session.

The following day, Sunday. I was one of the first Filipino here in SGP to apply for the first time, machine readable passport (MRP) launch in SGP. Thanks God! They finally realize to have this kind of service in the embassy rather than in PHL only. I also work a bit via VPN for the month-end processing for May.....

After all the activities in the morning... I rushed to the spa again, this time for my facial appointment. I was not expecting much at start..... but it turn out to be good like a real doctor attending. The session also took more or less an hour. The weird thing which I normally don't do in the past was to remove my tops for facial.... lol. There was also shoulder and head massage in the facial... what an add-on! The good thing in the spa was that after each session I will enjoy a set of fruits and tea.

What a relaxing weekend it was....

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