Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fit weekend...

I was invited by California Fitness (orchard) yesterday for a 2 weeks complimentary pass. I don't mind, so I can also try and see what is the difference against Fitness First. It is a good gym, lots of equipment, big and spacious workout area. Huge dressing room but I don't want to bring my own padlock. Towel service is next to the dressing room I think limited to 2 big towels, unlike fitness first which is located at the reception area and I can get as many towels as I like and as many tops to sweat (lol).

They tried to offer me too join... but did not succeed. Still they gave me a 2 weeks complimentary pass. I also had a Body Composition Analysis in their machine. Moment of truth, I had 85/100 fitness score; balanced legs and arms; developed arms and normal legs; normal protein, fat and mineral; and a muscular normal weight. My total percent body fat yesterday was 12.7 (that is with breakfast). So far so good. I need to burn that 2.7% of percent body fat.

This morning I went to Fitness First at One George Street Building to have my back get some heat and light. Every weekend One George is packed with people who wants to have sunbathe and be tanned. I went around 10 in the morning and thank God there were 3 more vacant pool bench, otherwise I have to lay down on the floor with on my towel. I stayed under the sun for about 1.5hour. Afterwich, I swam and do my regular chest exercise. I went off the gym 3pm. Nice!

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