Sunday, September 14, 2008

Challenging weekend! whew...

Good thing I always get a copy of Catalog magazine in the gym... It is where I read about SAFRA fever event that was conducted last Saturday, September 13, 2008 at SAFRA Mt. Faber. Though I sent notice to some of my friends too, good thing Nathan went with me who pushed me to join the beer drinking contest! LOL. I did not realize it will gonna be like what happened... sit in a bathtub of ice and water. It was absolutely sub-zero! for a sub-zero beer! Luckily I got 5th place out of the 15 SAFRA members, where I am not. We went home around 1:30am early this morning to rest for the KPE marathon.
I used my new polar watch and timed myself during the marathon. For the record: 30 minutes and 14 seconds for 5km run with an average of 148 heart beat per second. After the run we had lunch at Tampines mall (my first time there) and head straight to Fusionopolis (first time) and sleep at the pool area.... so relaxing... ill come back to fusionopolis prolly after 2 weeks 
time for it is still undergoing construction.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Into the Blue (Dive:Open Water)

Aug 29 - Aug 31. Right after office hours last Friday, I went to see my dive group going to Malaysia in Lavander MRT. Our instructor rented a van that send us off to Mersing port. We left the port around 1am and we all slept and reached the destination, Pulau Dayang Island at 6am.
The island was great! great shore with crystal clear water, good cottages, nice crowd (all divers), and buffet served 3x a day!
Dive Details:
1st Dive : Sarawan
Time in: 10:48am
Time out: 11:27am
Bottom time: 39mins
Max depth: 15.3m (50.2 feet)Water temp: 28.3c

2nd Dive : Lang
Time in: 2:12pm
Time out: 2:39pm
Bottom time: 27mins
Max depth: 15m (49.2 feet)
Water temp: 28.6c

3rd Dive :
Time in: 5:05pm
Time out: 5:50pm
Bottom time: 45mins
Max depth: 9.7m (31.8 feet)
Water temp: 29.1c

4th Dive: Captain Point
Time in: 7:59am
Time out: 8:31am
Bottom time: 32mins
Max depth: 25m (82 feet)
Water temp: 28.6c

5th dive : Crocodile Rock
Time in: 10:35am
Time out: 11:14am
Bottom time: 39mins
Max depth: 23.7m (77.8 feet)
Water temp: 29c

Though some of dives are more than 18meters, my instructor still insisted to put 18m in my log book so that he will sign.... sigh.... Anyways I had a great time to experience deep dive and drift dive while certifying me for PADI: Open Water.